Unique Channels on Microsoft Teams

Open your Channels and organise your Teams.

Microsoft Teams provides a central, cloud-based platform, which delivers your workforce with a flexible space to collaborate & communicate, reachable across all their unique devices.

Within the Teams application, you can breakdown your projects, departments and clients, into their own ring-fenced Channel. Much like the wider-app functionality; Channels provide a protected invite-only section for team members, to communicate via instant message and work together through file sharing, all in one location.

Teams, backed by the SharePoint file storage architecture (being a part of the Office 365 cloud environment), guarantees that all data & files are kept fully within your control. Unlike traditional applications, you don’t have to worry about your personal data, especially private conversations, being stored outside of your area of control or hidden away within a multitude of third-party tools.


Manage your conversations.

Take full advantage of Teams, by connecting your communication on one project, or about one client. With the ability to chat to anyone, at any time, you can cut down on all the emails and singular conversations taking place in third party apps.

Communicate effectively and efficiently. In one space you can keep up to date with the latest activity; always have the latest file to hand in just a couple of clicks; and keep track of all the project-linked email communication.

Plug-in your favourite third party apps too.

One-for-all and all-for-one! Teams goes beyond the Microsoft cloud tools with a never-ending amount of possibilities. Customise each separate channel with an immense selection of additional apps, which are unique to that project, department or client. Add an unparalleled level of value to your work space, by expanding it with tabs, connectors and bots.

Whether they’re Microsoft or a third-party, it doesn’t really matter. If it helps boost efficiency in your work space, Teams can be extended and personalised to cater to your unique objectives.


Lost among a sea of tools and resources?

If you are whirling in a sea of far too many choices and are considering consolidating, Teams might well be the best answer.

At Iron Dome, we take a consultative approach to working with our clients. Unlike most IT providers, we take the time to learn our client’s business, operations and processes; enabling us to better tailor workable technology solutions.

If you are considering journeying to the Cloud, use Office 365 but not to its full extent or need direction around technology solutions to your operational problems – Please get in touch.


Who is Iron Dome?

One of our core values is to help educate and empower businesses with the knowledge around cyber security and keeping their IT systems safe. A conversation may not lead to us working together, but if you are able to learn anything from a chat with our team then we have accomplished what we set out to do. Educate!