The Cloud is a great place…

The Cloud is great place to work from…

There are literally thousands of different flavours and operators of Cloud-based services to choose from; providing you with a secure, flexible and agile working environment to truly work from anywhere.

Wherever we choose to work, we’ll have issues with our data security, privacy and backup. You could have the most sophisticated of Cloud infrastructures and still be susceptible to tomorrow’s cyber-attack.

Therefore, we will always need comprehensive backup, regardless of the type of IT we use.


…but it’s not your backup.

As we’ve already recognised, the Cloud is an IT concept that delivers great freedom for the modern workplace. However, many wrongly assume that by working from the Cloud and by no longer having their data sat on a local physical disk or server that they can see, their data is protected and backed-up as standard. This unfortunately isn’t the case.

It is a common misconception that taking the single copy of your file data from that old office server and storing that copy within OneDrive or Google Drive will cure all your backup woes.

The use of popular Cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Apps environment, provide only a single storage location for your data and do not backup your files as standard.


Do we need a local copy?

We’re not saying to step back in time and change your working methods to old fashioned ones through fear of having multiple copies of your data.

In fact, by manually cloning files and storing copies in multiple locations will only create a mess of a backup structure & run without any automated schedule.

From a backup perspective, working from the Cloud as a single location for your file data, should be treated with the same consideration of having a file server in the office still. In-line with the best practice of the ‘3-2-1 rule’, it’s critical to run a professional backup service to replicate that data to at least one (if not two!) alternative independent location.


What should we use to Backup our Data?

There are trusted services available that integrate directly into Cloud platforms, such as Office 365 and GoogleApps, and automatically backup all your file data (and even things like emails) to an alternative encrypted Cloud-based storage location.

Your team benefit from the ability to continue to work as they always have, with peace of mind that should they suffer a loss, corruption or failure of the company’s chosen Cloud service, that file data can be stored swiftly.


Who is Iron Dome?

One of our core values is to help educate and empower businesses with the knowledge around cyber security and keeping their IT systems safe. A conversation may not lead to us working together, but if you are able to learn anything from a chat with our team then we have accomplished what we set out to do. Educate!