Only need one file? Don’t waste time recovering your entire system!

Ever used a sledgehammer to open a minuscule nut?

Perhaps not, but you get where we’re going with this…

If you’ve lost your whole system and need to recover everything at once, most backup tools have got your back. But if you need to recover a precise file or folder without having to restore your entire server, a lot of tools leave you dissatisfied.

Whether a private file has corrupted, or worst-case, you’ve been hit by a cyber-attack; there is rarely an easy way to retrieve back just that one individual file (and quickly).

You end up spending days restoring the entire Business system, needlessly rebooting all your data back to how it was a yesterday, or worse, a week beforehand. Resulting in a loss of all those new and updated files in the interim.

Meaning plentiful copies need to be saved and moved for them to be re-uploaded once the restoration has been complete.


Is there a feature for individual file restoration?

Yes, it’s called Granular Recovery. A service missed from a worrying amount the leading backup vendors.

Granular Recovery is your easy answer in recovering those individual files you lost in unintended deletion, corruption or via a cyber-attack; gone are the days you must complete a full system recovery.

The ability to search for important files that lie somewhere in the corner of a backup set, mark them and get them recovered, while the rest of the backup data pile remains intact.

Swiftly providing you access back to that one file in minutes, rather than hours or days.


Why must we use this solution?

There is an enormous of reasons why you should consider a backup service that has Granular Recovery built in as standard.

However, the main and most noteworthy advantage and why you should use Granular recovery, is the economy of time to restore only the items needed, and a greater defence from mishaps and undesired data changes that can occur with a full restoration.

Consequently, a good granular restore feature saves your efforts and heaps of data!

The phrase “needle in a haystack” comes to mind, with the inescapable disappointment when you begin a task with an almost impossible feeling to it.

With Granular Recovery, it makes finding that needle possible, not only possible but quite easily, along with a few others you didn’t know about also!


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