Half of businesses now being “punished” by Google

About half of all businesses  are now being “punished” by Google for not making a simple change to their website… that costs very little. Last year the internet giant changed Chrome – the world’s most popular browser – to flag up websites that weren’t encrypted. Six months on and we estimate half of all businesses still haven’t made the change. They’re losing traffic and scaring off potential buyers.

Encryption means that data sent between a website server and someone’s computer is dramatically more secure. You know a site is encrypted when it says https://, instead of just http:// (without the s). This is achieved by installing something called an SSL, an easy task for an IT support firm. Google is on a mission to make the world’s websites secure. Unencrypted websites currently show this warning:

And it gets worse if someone starts to fill in a form on an unencrypted website. Then the warning message changes to:

It baffles me why so many local businesses haven’t made this change. It’s believed unencrypted websites get less traffic from Google. And it’s certainly putting off buyers who see a red warning on a website. Yet it’s cheap and easy to fix.