Instant Message on Microsoft Teams


Communicate with your entire team, in one simple application.

Don’t get caught up with eight conversations in five different applications, or with thousands of emails shooting around between staff associates; Microsoft Teams enables you to chat instantly with your workforce in one unique application, across any device that you use.


Unify the conversation.

Like out-dated instant messaging applications, Teams allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with any one single member, (or all), of your team, whether your next door or in a different continent. Send messages, file attachments, locations (and even memes).

But, unlike other apps, Teams is a protected, commercial product that forms part of your Office 365 cloud environment and is fully within your power. Non-commercial chat services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, are personal to each individual and the past of the chat, the content and any files/images shared within that space are beyond your control.

Cut down on all the unnecessary emails.

Most trades rely heavily on email, both internally among staff members, as well as externally with clients, suppliers and contractors. As dependable as email is; it’s unproductive and hard to keep track of…

You’ve been there… numerous emails back and forth between various team members about one single document. The document has been altered multiple times and now no one knows which version is the newest. It’s not saved centrally and at different points people have been copied in or out of the email chain. It’s chaos.

Teams unites and streamlines co-working communication in one single channel. Backed by SharePoint, Microsoft’s Cloud file storage platform, Teams provides a unified way to share files without the confusion of email attachments and confusing version control.


Lost among an array of tools and resources?

If you are whirling in a sea of far too many choices and are considering consolidating, Teams might well be the best answer.

At Iron Dome, we take a consultative approach to working with our clients. Unlike most IT providers, we take the time to learn our client’s business, operations and processes; enabling us to better tailor workable technology solutions.

If you are considering journeying to the Cloud, use Office 365 but not to its full extent or need direction around technology solutions to your operational problems – Please get in touch.


Who is Iron Dome?

One of our core values is to help educate and empower businesses with the knowledge around cyber security and keeping their IT systems safe. A conversation may not lead to us working together, but if you are able to learn anything from a chat with our team then we have accomplished what we set out to do. Educate!