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There are lots of great IT companies in london

It’s quite hard selecting a new IT partner to take over the management and support of your IT. It can feel like a big leap of faith and too difficult to face at times.

But what if you don’t make the change? How long will you put up with the low levels of slow and ineffective support and how long before your current IT provider becomes a liability instead of an asset.

But its not all doom and gloom

If you take a systematic approach to your evaluation of your new IT provider, you will know when you have found the right provider. Asking all IT companies the same questions will mean you can evaluate them equally and fairly.

Questions to ask any potential IT support company

  • How do you communicate with clients and how can they communicate with you
  • How big is the team? The bigger the team the more you become just a ticket number. 
  • Do you have predictable pricing?
  • Aside from the monthly IT support fee, are there any other costs that we will face on a regular basis
  • What, if anything dont you cover? For example, will you call Sage and deal on our behalf? Watch out for sorry, we don’t cover that excuses
  • How do you make sure that our backups can be restored. Ask them to tell you about backup verification.

Sometimes, relationships go stale and your current IT support provider just isn’t aligned with your business goals and outcomes. That happens with real life relationships too. They just don’t see things the same way.

Maybe you’re in a situation where your friendly and helpful IT support company have recently been aquired by another, bigger provider and ultimately that relationship just isn’t there any more. This spells out that its time to get out. When your business needs urgent attention, how can you be sure that an IT support provider, that you didn’t choose will be there when you need it. Its time to re-evaluate! 

But like the heading suggests, there are lots of great IT support companies in London. You will be spoilt for choice. So why do I think that Iron Dome should be put into the mix of contenders?

Well, Im glad you asked..

Why choose Iron Dome as your London IT support company?

  • Our core values are centred around our clients and operating transparently
  • Below are our customer feedback scores and the feedback details as left by client in real time
  • We are a small but mighty team of 5 awesome and friendly individuals
  • We have a fixed fee approach – again – the pricing is below £35 and thats it. You dont pay for anything else like moves, adds or changes. The only time you will pay anything more is if we recommend a new project of work and you accept the project. But aside from that, the fees are standard, clear and fixed
  • We keep our capacity levels high which means we are on top of your issues as they happen.

Have a look at our client satisfaction levels below and press the Enquire button below to book time directly into my calendar at a time that suits you best.


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