Server room

It’s time you defend your servers; Hackers know where you store your crucial data.

Just over 37% of cyber-attacks are detected directly on your IT servers, making them the most likely place to pinpoint an attack within your organisation. That’s one of the most distressing stats taken from a recent survey from around 3000 IT managers around the globe.


Why are servers so irresistible for Cyber Criminals?

Here are a few reasons why Hackers target your servers directly.

  1. Servers are very high in importance

Servers very often contain an organisation’s most important data. For example, personally identifiable material such as employee and customer records could be stolen if they’re not professionally secured on the server.

Policies, such as the strongly introduced GDPR that protects EU citizens’ data, encourages considerable fines for non-compliance. Attackers know this knowledge and will threaten to publish sensitive client data if their costly demands are not met in due course.


  1. Server downtime is destructively costly
    Servers are the IT lungs of most Organisations and are crucial to their day-to-day functioning. Unanticipated downtime can seriously impact productivity by denying access to important files or communication tools such as Microsoft Teams. Ransomware attacks can cause businesses to grind to a standstill unless a costly ransom is paid.

Instances, where a Business is reliant on servers for commercial function downtime, can be very dangerous.


  1. Servers are a perfect place to start a raid
    Servers are typically strongly connected to an organisation’s network. They are also online and operating every day of the year, which makes them an ideal platform for launching further attacks and looking for weak spots to exploit across the entire network. If you can’t detect a server that’s being held hostage, the gates to your IT stronghold could be wide open to risks from all over the world.


So, what can be done in order to secure your vital servers? The answer is in the right combination of advanced protection, visibility with powerful tools like Endpoint Detection and Response and server-specific features such as File Integrity Monitoring.


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