Share & Communicate externally on Teams

Communicate & Collaborate externally, easily.

Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based platform providing a flexible space for collaboration across a vast number of unique devices, providing a more central approach to communication.

With Teams, you can share, communicate and work externally, (including internally), with clients as well as suppliers, within your individual teams and channels.

Unlike more traditional (perhaps out-dated) applications, Microsoft Teams enables all stakeholders an unparalleled ability to work together & communicate in one place; creating one team, whether they work within your business or not. This creates a more adaptable & flexible method for working as a unit, allowing effective and efficient collaboration.



Leave no stone un-turned, Teams has unlimited possibilities; Award winning communication and collaboration tools, third-party applications to create an unrivalled level of value to your work space, boosting efficiency in offices all over the globe.

Whether it’s individual access or external access you’re after, Teams offers both. Team owners can grant guest access, authorisation to chat, call and access files & resources. External access gives permission for an entire domain, a simplistic, easy technique to link up teams on a much bigger scale.

Team up in a protected environment.

Enjoy peace of mind with Microsoft Teams, with its secure, guarded environment, work outside the office with ease and minimal difficulty; Engage with members of your team freely, whether they’re next door or down the road, knowing your data & personal information is protected and in your complete control.

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