How one email can increase your cybersecurity risk by 90%

Ever thought about how one email could impact your business. Bringing everything to a halt? It might sound dramatic, but it’s true. Shockingly, a whopping 90% of cyber attacks start with one sneaky email. And if your job involves lots of emailing, like in finance or recruitment, you’re at even more risk.

In these industries, you’re dealing with lots of sensitive data. That could be people’s financial details to personal information. That’s why cyber criminals will focus on targeting these industries. They’re after your data, money, and reputation.

But fear not! Despite the daunting nature of cyber threats, there are proactive measures that finance and recruitment companies can take to protect themselves and their data.

Steps to reduce your cyber security risk

Firstly, education is key. You need to make sure everyone in your team knows how to spot a phishing email. Regular training sessions and simulated phishing exercises can really help raise awareness and staff stay sharp and vigilant.

Invest in advanced email security solutions. Email encryption and advanced threat protection, can provide an additional layer of defence against evolving cyber threats.

Encryption ensures that sensitive data remains secure during transit. While advanced threat protection technologies identify and mitigate emerging threats in real-time.

Implementing strict access controls and multi-factor authentication (MFA) can help prevent unauthorised access to email accounts. Mitigating the risk of account takeover attacks. By requiring multiple forms of verification MFA adds an extra layer of security and reduces the likelihood of unauthorised access.

Download your guide

In our latest guide, we delve further into email security. We’ve provided actionable insights to help protect you against cyber threats and keep your business running smoothly.

When it comes to email security, vigilance is paramount. By staying informed, implementing proactive security measures, and building a culture of cyber resilience within your organisation, you can effectively mitigate the risk of falling victim to email-based cyber attacks.

Don’t let one email bring your finance or recruitment business to a halt.  

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