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Are we the right fit for each other?

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Your in-laws. You marry your life partner and unfortunately you don’t get to choose your in-laws. 

We believe in taking the time initially to understand if Iron Dome are the right fit for your business and vice versa. 

Our brand and style of working (have a look at our team videos) may not be your business style of working, and we may just not fit your team culture.

And thats okay!

There are so many really great IT companies out there (some really horrible ones too) that we dont need to be the perfect fit for everyone.

Some of the reasons why we may not be a great fit:

  • We take security seriously. So this means that all IT Support packages come with a required security add on.

  • Our team are super friendly and like to get to know our clients. You might not like the personal approach when calling for IT help

  • Our clients – and potential clients take their IT seriously. They get that its an investment and that high productivity and staff happiness is linked to the quality of IT and IT Support

  • Our clients see us as their partners. They like us to align to their business outcomes – their goals and their vision. We aren’t like their other suppliers and we are treated the same way we treat our clients. 

Having the initial “Right Fit” call is so important to both you and us. It saves everyone a lot of time and money, and effort in the event we arent right for each other.

But if you think we could be a right fit and you’d like to explore if Iron Dome is potentially your trusted advisor, then the next thing to do is to book a call with me – Wayne Stanley and lets go from there!

Why Choose Iron Dome

I really believe that we are one of a few IT Support companies where everyone on the team knows how to not talk geek! 

We love our clients and enjoy our work. As a team we are focused on keeping everyone super productive. When something goes wrong or someone needs help we are there – almost in an instant!

Because we have IT Security at the heart of everything we do, we sleep well at night knowing that we are doing our best to keep our clients information, networks and systems safe. We continuously review our technology and security “stack” to make sure tat we use only the best solutions, making our jobs easier, and more importantly, keeping you as productive and efficient as possible.

Talk to any member of the team, or ask for  list of our clients that you can talk directly to, seeing if we are a great fit as your IT partner for the future. 


Below are some of the team talking about their work at Iron Dome

The People Behind The Curtain



Wayne is the Captain of our ship and at the helm he drives everything forward. He loves taking time out boating on the Thames and as a proud South African has a passion for preparing, and sharing pictures of, meat cooked to perfection in his Kamado.


Senior Projects Engineer

Brad has been the longest standing member of the team and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about pretty much anything. He is also our leader of all things Virtual Reality and once he caught a marlin in his living room!


Senior IT Support Engineer

You will get to know Ryan from his smile you can feel through a phone line. His customer care generates the most positive customer surveys, setting the benchmark for others to beat. He loves to rush off after work to play or watch his beloved football team!


Business & Commercial Manager

Jane’s creative flare will have the opportunity to really come into its own in 2021- so watch this space. She is known for whispering the odd Russian phrase under her breath which always results in the team doing whatever she says.


Junior IT Support Engineer

Naveen’s story goes here.

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