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Protecting Your Digital Assets with Comprehensive Security

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Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats and IT Vulnerabilities

Protecting your digital assets is paramount in an era of advanced persistent threats and cyber attacks. At Iron Dome, we understand the critical importance of IT security & in safeguarding your business operations. Our Information Technology Security Services are designed to provide you with comprehensive solutions and expert guidance to defend against evolving cybersecurity threats and security risks.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Our managed IT support and cyber security services are easily tailored toward your business operations. No matter the size of the business, we all face security risks that put our sensitive data on the line. That is why our small but mighty security team provides award-winning security practices to ensure you won’t be the victim of cybercrime.

Our Comprehensive IT & Cyber Security Solutions

As part of our standard package, we offer a range of comprehensive security solutions to meet your organisation’s needs:

Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Our specialised Pen Testing service helps identify security vulnerabilities in your computer systems and applications, allowing you to proactively address potential weaknesses before cyber criminals and malicious actors exploit them.

Ransomware Protection and Threat Hunting

We provide robust protection against ransomware attacks and actively hunt for threats on your company network to prevent data breaches.

Always On VPN Solution

Our always-on VPN solution provides network security and protects your sensitive data, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure, whether your team is in the office or remote.

Website Scanning for Malware

Our website scanning will monitor incoming internet traffic for any malicious software, safeguarding your online interactions and preventing any breach of customer data.

Email Link Checking: We thoroughly check email links before delivering them to your staff to prevent phishing attacks and malicious URL access.

SIEM Solution

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides advanced threat detection and helps you gain valuable insights into your security posture.

24x7 Security Operations Centre (SoC):

Our dedicated Security Operations Centre team is always vigilant, monitoring your computer systems, critical infrastructure, and sensitive data around the clock to identify security incidents and provide threat prevention in real time.

Fully Comprehensive Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) Solution:

Our MXDR solution offers end-to-end threat detection, analysis, and response capabilities to protect your organisation from evolving cybersecurity threats.

Our Approach to Risk Assessment and Management

When it comes to your business’s security aims, we take all security incidents seriously. Cyber attacks can take many different forms, such as a remote access trojan or denial of service DOS attack. Our various security concepts allow us to find potential security threats. During this whole process, our team will be in contact and provide feedback on how to improve security practices and prevent further cyber attacks.

Discover the Locations We Cover

Serving as the go-to for Cyber Security in Surrey, Iron Dome extends its expertise to London and Hampshire businesses, safeguarding operations against threats. Our security solutions, lauded for their effectiveness, ensure your business remains invulnerable. Whether remote or office-based, our adaptable and reliable teams are your frontline defense in cyber security, preventing data breaches, cyber attacks, and more in Surrey and beyond.

Benefits of Our IT Security Services

By partnering with Iron Dome for your IT Security needs, you gain several benefits:

Proactive Protection

Our Pen Testing and threat-hunting services help you stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Reinforce your network security before you encounter a data breach.

Data Security

An always-on VPN prevents cyber attackers from gaining access to your sensitive data and committing cyber attacks. Even remote businesses with cloud-based data centres face the risk of a data breach that attempts to steal sensitive data.

Web Safety

Ensure safe web browsing while we scan websites for malicious software and check links for cyber security threats that seek unauthorised access for malicious actors.

Advanced Threat Detection

Our SIEM solution and 24x7 SoC team detect security threats and provide protection and guidance in real time for all computer networks and potential insider threats.

Comprehensive Security

Our MXDR solution offers a complete security ecosystem that covers all types of IT security for your organisation's IT security needs. We cover entire network security, physical security measures, cloud security, and application security and provide advice on stopping others who want to secure access, even physical access.

What our IT clients have to say

Common IT Security FAQs

Businesses face cyber attack threats such as malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and insider threats, among others. Cloud security, network security, physical security measures, and endpoint security are some of the most critical aspects.

Our cyber defences ensure you have minimal security risks through proactive measures, security awareness training, fast IT support responses and compliance support. We deny cyber attacks the ability to disrupt business operations through extensive cyber security.

No, all businesses need IT security. We tailor our security solutions to meet the specific needs of all businesses, regardless of size and goals. You can be assured of protection against all cyber attacks and that your digital data is out of reach of those who would steal sensitive information.

IronDome provides IT security to a range of industries, including finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more. Our customised security solutions can adapt to a variety of computer systems to protect business and customer data.

Our security team continues to monitor the world of evolving cyber threats and ensures they stay informed on the latest security measures employed as industry standards. They are all trained professionals who stay well-informed on IT security, cloud security, endpoint security, network security, application security, self-replicating malware, and more.

Contact Iron Dome today to discuss how we can protect your business’s critical infrastructure. Schedule a consultation with one of our helpful IT security specialists to map out how Iron Dome can provide you with the security solutions you need. Don’t hesitate and risk your sensitive information.

Remember, our team is always ready to address any other questions you may have. Contact us for more information on how Iron Dome can help your Surrey, London, or Hampshire business thrive.

Ready to fortify your organisation's security?

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