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Happy clients. Happy days.

Technology makes the world go around
Our job is to keep your IT spinning

Every client we work with has specific business goals and outcomes. Thats why the IT support and IT security solutions we put in place are customised for each client. 

On the whole, we know the technology that we put in place will keep our clients IT running efficiently with their data safe at all times. But that’s why its not about the technology stack. Its about understanding your pain points in your business and only then seeing how technology can help.

Here at Iron Dome, we are all about the people rather than a one size fits all technology stack. 

We’re lucky to work with awesome clients.

A Few Of Our Awesome Clients

Unlimited IT support from only...


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Your business.

Your information technology.

Ultimately we believe IT’s all about well-being.

Say hello to your new IT department.

We deliver on customer satisfaction

Tired of hearing all business IT support companies say how amazing their support is?

We are! 

The only way you ever truly know if your new IT team are any good at solving your IT issues and keeping your business running efficiently is to see and hear from their other clients.

One of our core values is Transparency and this includes what our clients think of us. These are our real time statistics of how well we are serving our clients.

Customer Happiness Ratings

Data from Customer Thermometer July 2023

Happiness Score

Net Promoter Score



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