Only need one file? Don’t waste time recovering your entire system!

Ever used a sledgehammer to open a minuscule nut? Perhaps not, but you get where we’re going with this… If you’ve lost your whole system and need to recover everything at once, most backup tools have got your back. But if you need to recover a precise file or folder without having to restore your […]

Too many options with Office 365?

Confused by all the options in Office 365? Skype, Yammer, Teams, SharePoint… Cloud platforms are evolving and so has the range of features and tools available to users within them. As much as they may make many of our lives relaxed, they can also bring a lot of misunderstanding & disorder between various employees. Giving […]

Don’t be caught out with only one source of backup.

Gone are the days of taking external hard drives home… If you only have a single source of data backup onto a local external hard disk or perhaps a NAS device, you may only have a single source in the event of an accident provided the backup is regularly running, has no faults and doesn’t […]

GDPR enforces a Professional-Grade Backup

A strong chance you didn’t know this… Backup and disaster recovery solutions are serious under the GDPR. With any Business accountable or responsible for the ownership of important data, they must have the capability to recover any misplaced private information that they hold in a timely manner. In order to remain compliant, you must have […]

The Cloud is a great place…

The Cloud is great place to work from… There are literally thousands of different flavours and operators of Cloud-based services to choose from; providing you with a secure, flexible and agile working environment to truly work from anywhere. Wherever we choose to work, we’ll have issues with our data security, privacy and backup. You could […]

We recommend the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Why you need to follow this rule… Backing up your private Information isn’t something you should neglect; you need to ensure that your critical data will endure any unpredictable circumstances. Too many Businesses & people have suffered from data loss following system failure, file corruption, accidental deletion, or even by a natural calamity! Although most […]

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Protect your data

Use Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to your advantage In the wake of the email born cyber-attacks, Microsoft released ATP as their optional add-on security service. Clarifying emails, with little impact on productivity, ATP is among the strongest of the add-ons suite to 365, which we strongly urge businesses to adopt. Together with key features, […]

The Human Firewall

Phishing is a popular threat, it’s always evolving. Hackers won’t stop and will try an abundant of ways to get access to our private & delicate data. Email is a common means of access for cyber criminals, with it often being the frailest point of entry to a computer network, therefore being the most used […]

Last layer of Security

What is the threat to my data? With the rapid increase of threats to our treasured & private data, cyber-criminals are forever producing new ways to interrupt and fleece our professional and personal lives. One of the cyber threat trends that has seen a sharp upsurge in activity within recent years is Ransomware. Ransomware takes […]

Endpoint Detection & Response, Identify & Act on Cyber Threats

Learn lessons from cyber-attacks to better protect your business Businesses are fronting well organised and dangerous attackers, including nation states and cyber-criminals that are determined to break your cyber defences. Attacks are on the rise and, with the random nature by which IT networks are infiltrated, it’s becoming an ill-fated inevitability that we will all […]

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