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Let’s face it… running a business is stressful enough without the added headache of subpar IT support.

Reliable IT infrastructure is non-negotiable, especially when it includes robust cyber security services to protect your digital assets.

The last thing you need is to be constantly chasing an outsourced IT team for updates on your issues, or worse, dealing with solutions that fail, leaving you vulnerable to cyber threats. When the fixes fall short and you’re left dialing for support again, it’s clear: effective, proactive IT and cyber security support isn’t just a luxury—it’s essential.


Its time for a change

Im sure that its a daunting idea changing your IT support provider. But really in this day and age its alot easier than you think. 

With most online/cloud services, its a change of who supports you, but the infrastructure – and how you access the IT stays the same. 

We understand that every company and business has some nuances and so having a 15 minute call with us by hitting the enquire button below is the next best step. 

When you press the Enquire Now button you will immediately get access to my calendar to book in a quick call to talk through your concerns and to see if we can help.

Unlimited IT support from
only £35 /machine /month

IT support, IT security and friendly, human speak is what we do

We asked the team what
car they thought Iron Dome
would be if it was a car...

We used to worry that we were too small as a business and that we needed to be double to size to effectively support the IT of our clients.

But what we actually found when we came to gather client testimonials, was in each and every case, the clients said that they loved that we were a small but expert team. 

Firstly, our clients can always deal with a human being, someone that knows their IT and that they trust will solve their issue.

Secondly, our clients aren’t a ticket number. We do have a ticketing system and if you email the helpdesk you will get a ticket as a reference. But the team and I take the time to understand the staff at our clients and how we can help them best going forward. 

As a company we fully align to our clients’ business goals and outcomes. This means that the IT support that we provide is exactly what the client needs

Our Right Fit call will make sure that we are the best IT support for YOUR business

When you get in touch, we first make sure that we are the best fit for your business. 

As a team we want to make sure that we are making a difference to the IT support and security needs of our clients. Nothing is more rewarding than a client saying WOW! 

When you press the Enquire Now button, that gets a call in the diary between us so that we can make sure we are the best company for your IT requirements. There are lots of great IT companies that we can refer you to if we aren’t the best fit for your needs.

What if something goes wrong?

Ultimately, we want you to be happy and to feel like you are working with the best in the business. So, if at any point in the first 3 months you aren’t happy  with us and you want to leave, not only will we help you move safely onto the next IT partner that you choose, but we will also give you a full refund on your support fees paid to us over the 3 months.

90 day money back guarantee

Thats right.

If for any reason in the first 3 months you aren’t happy with the service you have received from us and decide to move away, for any reason at all, we will return any support fees that you have paid and help you move to another IT support provider of your choosing

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