Man in the middle attack

What does a Man In The Middle attack look like?

Iron Dome have worked with an ethical hacker to show you what a man in the middle attack looks like.

Its an all too common occurrence and is easy to miss the tell tale signs of an attack. 

But the consequences are far reaching.

What can you do to minimise your risk?

So what more can you do to minimise the risk of being the subject of a man in the middle attack?

Here are a few things to get started:

  • Have a really good email spam filter – the free one with your email account doesnt count!
  • Double check the email address – and especially the domain part for tiny inconsistencies
  • If you do land up on a page where its asking you to sign into your email  or other cloud account, STOP – there is still time to turn back. Look at the address in the address bar – check it carefully
  • And when it doubt, check with your IT team – its what we are here for! taking the time to check will save tens of thousands of pounds

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