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IT companies in staines

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IT support companies are a dime a dozen. And you never know what you are getting with most of them. 

The team here at Iron Dome are different. One of our core values is that we are transparent in our pricing and the way that we work. 

We have a fixed monthly fee for each computer you have in your business and that gives you unlimited support for you and your tech. Having a fixed fee for your IT Support means that you dont have fluctuating bills and spiralling costs! Its fixed fee IT Support

I would like to challenge you to talk to several IT companies in Staines and compare us all. We may not be the perfect match for you, but if we are, you will know almost straight away. 

Why choose us for your Staines IT Support?

Firstly our transparent pricing means you get fixed monthly invoices for your IT Support that is predictable and helps with budgeting

Secondly, response times… everyone talks about their amazing, lightening fast response times. But can they live up to it. We welcome our potential new clients to try us out. Call our number now and see how quick you get to talk to the team. 

Not only that, we have lots of different ways for you to get in touch with us, including this handy little app that runs on your computer. One click on the icon and you can immediately interact with the team. 

We know, when you need IT Support, you just want it fixed. And fast!

In a nutshell, our business IT support is centred around:

  • You.

  • Your business.

  • Your information technology.

  • Ultimately we believe IT’s all about well-being.

So please click the button below and get in touch. Book some time for a coffee or an informal chat to see if we are the right fit for each other. 

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