A Real Live Email Hack

Ever Wondered What an Email Hack looks Like?

Seeing these attacks first hand really focuses the mind as to the dangers of being a victim of one of these attacks. 

We have teamed up with an ethical hacker to reveal what happens in these attacks and hopefully gives you some idea of the fall out when on the recieving end of such an attack


What can you do to protect your business?

There are a few things to think about to reduce your risk against these sort of attacks:

  • Firstly, ask your IT company about getting Security Awareness Training (SAT) for you and your team. This is imperative.
  • Secondly, look at what security you have in place around your systems today. At a minimum, I would suggest getting web filtering and email spam filtering in place. These filters perform a service called “sandboxing”, where the links you recieving in email and on the web are reviewed by the software before you can click on the link to make sure they are safe to be opened. Again, this is a must do! 

Talk to your IT team today about these security features – without them, you are a sitting duck. Relying purely on your ability to spot a dodgy link or URL is not going to save your business from a hack and the potential financial and reputation damage.

Never mind that new starter in finance…

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