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Your digital network is the oxygen by which you and your clients prosper and grow. The supply of connectivity, transaction, e-commerce and 24-7 support cannot afford to fail or your organisation will be starved of the lifeforce it needs to survive.

You, your company and its information technology

We’re a small, tight knit team who love technology and love making our clients happy while having fun in the process - it’s not uncommon to have a Virtual Reality game happening in a break or debating what take-away we want on our Friday Fundays. .

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you to get the most out of your technology..

We will always make sure you hear from us regularly with the latest IT tips and tricks and updates of what we are getting up to at Iron Dome.

Wayne – CEO

Wayne is the Captain of our ship and at the helm he drives everything forward. He loves taking time out boating on the Thames and as a proud South African has a passion for preparing, and sharing pictures of, meat cooked to perfection in his Kamado.

Emma – Operations Manager

Emma is one of the non techies on the team but project planning and keeping clients happy is her bag. Fuelled by her speciality butter coffee she makes sure all our projects are running as smoothly as her favourite morning drink.

Brad – Senior IT Engineer

Brad has been the longest standing member of the team and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about pretty much anything. He is also our leader of all things Virtual Reality – once he caught a marlin in his living room!

Jason – Senior IT Engineer

Jason is our documents and process man. Whenever you need a cheat sheet, he is the go-to guru. You will probably see him, after hearing him, riding down to your offices on his motorbike.

Ryan – Specialist IT Engineer

You will get to know Ryan from his smile you can feel through a phone line. His customer care generates the most positive customer surveys, setting the benchmark for others to beat. He loves to rush off after work to play or watch his beloved football team!

Jane – Marketing and Finance

Jane’s creative flare will have the opportunity to really come into its own in 2021- so watch this space. She is known for whispering the odd Russian phrase under her breath which always results in the team doing whatever she says.


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