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You’ve been Data Breached? How to react if you’re attacked.

Not so fun fact, about 60 percent of small firms lose their business within 6 months of a data breach. Now that’s a scary statistic everyone should be mindful of. It’s not because these firms did not have a proper security system in place that they went under, it’s because they were not prepared to […]

WordPress Attacks are highly common

As internet acceptance is on a quick rise, cybercrime is at an all-time high. According to a report, Google blacklists around 10,000+ websites every day for malware, and more than 50,000 for phishing every week! As a matter of fact, WordPress manages 34% of all websites worldwide, and this is the reason perhaps why it […]

It’s time you defend your servers; Hackers know where you store your crucial data.

Just over 37% of cyber-attacks are detected directly on your IT servers, making them the most likely place to pinpoint an attack within your organisation. That’s one of the most distressing stats taken from a recent survey from around 3000 IT managers around the globe.   Why are servers so irresistible for Cyber Criminals? Here […]

SIP Trunking encompasses all your Communication needs

Another acronym for your ever-growing list, this time, however, it’s an important one. In the world of communications, ISDN, VoIP & PBX… it’s time for SIP to take the centre stage, with its ability to save you a lot of time, but most importantly, money.   What exactly is SIP Trunking? Session Initiation Protocol, more […]


How good is your current broadband speed? In the modern age, internet connectivity is as important to our livelihoods as freshwater. Despite being in the country’s capital, you might still be suffering from a lack of full-fibre broadband, which is holding back the productivity of your business and is ultimately costing you time & money. […]


Still using ISDN…? As opposed to PSTN, (Analogue Lines), that are normally used at home for your phone & broadband line, ISDN, (Integrated Services Digital Network), combines numerous pairs of copper cables, authorising businesses to operate with various telephone calls at once. Following the pattern with all legacy forms of communication, ISDN is costly and […]

Share & Communicate externally on Teams

Communicate & Collaborate externally, easily. Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based platform providing a flexible space for collaboration across a vast number of unique devices, providing a more central approach to communication. With Teams, you can share, communicate and work externally, (including internally), with clients as well as suppliers, within your individual teams and channels. Unlike more […]

Unique Channels on Microsoft Teams

Open your Channels and organise your Teams. Microsoft Teams provides a central, cloud-based platform, which delivers your workforce with a flexible space to collaborate & communicate, reachable across all their unique devices. Within the Teams application, you can breakdown your projects, departments and clients, into their own ring-fenced Channel. Much like the wider-app functionality; Channels […]

Instant Message on Microsoft Teams

  Communicate with your entire team, in one simple application. Don’t get caught up with eight conversations in five different applications, or with thousands of emails shooting around between staff associates; Microsoft Teams enables you to chat instantly with your workforce in one unique application, across any device that you use.   Unify the conversation. […]

Collaborate within one application

Consolidate your day to day operations within one application With an array of tools available to us on our computers these days, it’s difficult to work out what’s the best to use. Few apps are good at more than one job, driving us to juggle numerous services to achieve our daily tasks, and worse; everyone […]

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